NWSID History

Our Southern Chapter History

The Southern Chapter of NWSID was formed in 1986 by Kay Davin, a designer, who relocated from the East Coast and was a member of the Interior Design Society. At Spring Market in Seattle, Kay met with a few Portland Designers to discuss forming a Southern Chapter of NWSID. The idea was well received and they informally met with another small group of designers in Portland and with great enthusiasm and excitement the Southern Chapter was created.

Penny Wilbourne, Karen Springer, Barbara Kallis and Fran Burnside from the Seattle Executive Board traveled to Portland to aid in the formation of the new chapter. With eighteen interested prospective members in attendance, they explained the purpose of the organization, the by-laws and the qualifications for membership in NWSID. The first twenty-five qualified interior designer members became the Charter Members of NWSID’s Southern Chapter. On August 7, 1986, the first officers were elected and the Southern Chapter of NWSID was officially established.

Southern Chapter Past Presidents

Kay Davin 1986/1988
Kathia Emery 1989/1990
Lynda Skutt 1991/1992
Jennifer Meyers 1992/1993
Kathie Pozarich 1993/1994
Marjorie Johnson 1994/1995
Marjorie Johnson 1996/1997
Sharon Joyce 1997/1998
Linda Merlitti 1998/1999
Suzanne Swarthout-Denning 1999/2000
Evelyn Green 2000/2001
Kathy Fuller 2001/2002
Laurie Gillam 2002/2003
Wendy Vaughn 2003/2005
Michelle Barnes 2005/2006
Sharon Titus 2006/2008
Susan Grady 2008/2009
Deborah Gaslin 2009/2010
Laura Donaca 2010/2012
Terrance Mason 2012/2013
Kim Morris 2013/2014
Teresa Metke 2014/2015
Linda Blackwood 2015/2016
Gayle Standage 2016/2017
Terri Childress 2017/2018
Jennifer Myers 2018/2019