Membership Etiquette


As a member of NWSID you have agreed to the following by-laws:

General Meetings

The purpose of our General Membership meeting is to network and socialize with fellow members. Learn about the hosting PRA’s products and services and conduct necessary business for the organization.

It is appropriate for members to:

  • Exchange business cards with other members.
  • Obtain approval prior to the General Meeting from President or President Elect in order to distribute brochures or make an announcement during the General Business portion.
  • Guests can and will be announced at the meeting, but cannot solicit business until they have become a member.

Use of Society Initials

A Professional, Associate, Apprentice, PRA or Student member in good standing may use the Society’s initials directly following his or her name on a business card, business letterhead, signature and in other ways including advertising that specifically identify the member by name and status.

Membership status must be clearly identified as follows:

Professional Members may use NWSID or NWSID Professional Member.
Associate Members must use NWSID Associate Member.
Apprentice Members must use NWSID Apprentice Member.
Student Members must use NWSID Student Member.
Members at Large may not use Society initials.
PRA Members must use NWSID PRA Member.

Membership status must be written out completely and cannot be abbreviated;
Examples of correct usage:

Jane Doe, NWSID Associate Member
John Doe, NWSID Apprentice Member
John Doe, NWSID PRA Member

Examples of incorrect usage:

Jane Doe, NWSID Assoc. Member
John Doe, Member of NWSID
Jane Doe, Appr. Member

If a member fails to abide by these rules, a letter of warning will be sent. Continued failure to comply with these rules shall result in the immediate loss of NWSID membership. In extreme cases, legal action will be taken.

Each chapter is responsible for providing a template to be used by members for the use of the initials. The template will include the font style as well as the required verbiage for the initials.